Advantages of Fiber Optic Cameras

There are many types and technologies of security cameras. The cameras that take the live footage are basically the same and can be used interchangeably. The difference is in how the images and videos are transmitted from the cameras to a central computer or monitor. They can be sent via copper wires, wireless networks or fiber optic cables. In this article, we shall focus on fiber optic cameras. Fiber optic cameras are commonly used for security and surveillance purposes. They use fiber cables to transmit images from the camera to a central computer where a security officer or any other person in charge can watch live footage. Fiber optic cameras have been around for quite some time and although, better technologies have been developed, they still remain a popular choice for both organizational and home use. This is because people still find them quite convenient to use despite there being better or cheaper technologies. To get more info, click Below are some advantages of fiber optic cameras.

Fiber optic cameras are quite cheap. The fiber optic cables are made from a special type of glass that transmits data fast but is also not expensive. Although cameras that use copper wires to transmit data might be cheaper to install, they usually do not offer the same quality of performance. Wireless cameras that use Bluetooth or Wi-fi networks are much faster and easier to install however, they are also a bit expensive and have other disadvantages that we shall discuss in this article. Fiber optic cameras are a bit advantageous. They are fairly affordable but also transmit quality images.

Another advantage of fiber optic cameras is that they can have a very large coverage. Click  to learn more about fiber optic transport. The transmission distance is limited by the length of the cable. You could have a cable on mile long if you wanted to and it would still transmit quality images to the central computer. No other system can do this with such a level of efficiency. Copper wires cannot transmit images and videos over long distances without losing quality. Wi-fi networks and Bluetooth transmitters can only go a few meters before they become too weak or unsteady.

Fiber optic cameras are also easy to set up. All you need to do is set up the camera wherever you want it then find a cable long enough to reach the central computer from that point. There is no need for special equipment like wi-fi routers, all you need is cameras and fiber optic cables. Learn more from

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